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Foundation Repair and Replacement

L.A. Structural is your industry-leading foundation and concrete contractor in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We provide a variety of services, including residential foundation repaircommercial foundation repairfoundation replacementsoft story buildingreal estate inspections, and more. We have the skill and experience necessary to serve as your full-service foundation contractor, offering the highest quality services and customer care in the area.


With over 30 years of experience, our family owned & operated company offers dedication, integrity, and a commitment to meeting needs and exceeding expectations. We strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction for each and every project, providing quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service.


If you are interested in acquiring any of our foundation services or if you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, go ahead and contact us at  today. Call us now!

Foundation Repair and Replacement

Common Foundation Issues

Common Foundation Issues

Crawl spaces are usually tight, dirty and difficult to access. Therefore, the foundation isn’t the most exciting part of the house—picking colors for the bedroom, designing a new kitchen or remodeling the bedroom is definitely more thrilling— but a sound foundation is the most critical component of the structure of a house. Small cracks or gaps around the window frames and doors may don’t look that significant to you but can slowly but surely turn into much bigger problems than expected. Cracks or gaps in walls outside the house might be considered minor as well but there’s no way to really know what you’re dealing with until it is closely evaluated from a professional Structural Assessment Specialist. Usually, a foundation inspection should happen as part of the home inspection, on every single home, especially in Los Angeles.

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Work in Progress

When it comes to concrete and your foundation, L.A. Structural is the company to call, offering all services pertaining to your concrete foundations, including foundation repair and replacement. We have the ability to engineer and build the most precise, economical, and practical foundation replacement for your property. We operate in conformance with Los Angeles Building Codes and with your budget in mind, so that we can achieve your goals concerning the correction of your property. If you are in need of our foundation replacement services, contact L.A. Structural today.

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L.A. Structural has the best foundation contractor experience in all of Los Angeles who offer a wide range of foundation services.  It is our goal to exceed your expectations and we will take care of the smallest details. We not only use the highest quality materials, but we also focus on superior quality workmanship for all of our projects. With expert knowledge and skill as well as affordable pricing, L.A. Structural offers exceptional foundation services for our customers, so call us today.

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