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Waterproofing and Drainage Systems

Waterproofing and Drainage Systems

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Still the biggest issue in Los Angeles: Soil Saturation


Soil saturation is when the ground has absorbed plentiful amounts of water. Now for foundations this can be a serious problem. The foundational engineering of a house usually has concrete footings and pads. These footings hold up the residence and when they begin to fail it causes serious problems.


When the soil around and underneath the footings oversaturates, it can cause expansion in the soil and may move this footing. Especially in older homes, oversaturated soil is one of the largest reasons for foundation settlement. Pressure builds up along one side of the foundation and this can weaken the structure overtime.

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Water floods air compressor at balcony a

Foundations have not always been engineered to withstand this pressure build up and can fail. Reasons for oversaturation are due to no gutters (or clogged gutters), poorly sloped grading, no downspout extensions, or even elevation changes between you and your neighbors yard.  The gargantuan pressure build up and force from this moving soil can cause the foundation walls to push inward or allow water intrusion to take place.


Diagonal cracks in the corners are another sign of excessive pressure occurring from moving soil. Large horizontal stucco cracks down low by the ground running the length of the house is a sign of concern.  We have even seen homes with foundations that have failed completely and the house has slid off the foundation footing.

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At L.A. Structural, we believe that proper and effective foundation waterproofing is not done using only great water sealing products or tools created with high technology. Years of experience are necessary to determine the right solution. There are many solutions to a water drainage problem. Always call a drainage specialist to come out and give an assessment. Choosing the right solution is the most important action a homeowner can do.

Signs of Drainage and Water Intrusion Issues

Signs of Drainage and Water Intrusion Issues

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Moisture intrusion is mainly caused by building defects and sure enough, it can effect occupants. Our Structural Assessment Specialists have an understanding of how moisture may enter a building through the foundation, and where problem areas commonly occur.


Some common moisture-related problems include:

  • structural foundation decay that results in;

  • high indoor humidity

  • soil movement, which can crack the foundation through excessive changes in volume,

  • the opposite  can be softened soil, which may lose its ability to support the building structure 

  • undermined foundations;

  • metal corrosion inside the foundation;

  • mold growth.  Mold only grows in the existence of high levels of humidity or moisture. Occupants can be seriously harmed when exposed to airborne mold spores which can result in the sick building syndrome.

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Water intrusion is one of the main contributing factors to structural foundation damage, litigation, rot, termites and microbial problems that can lead to sick building syndrome.



It has been suggested that sick building syndrome could be eliminated by adequate repair of the structural foundation of the property!

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(323) 422 5807

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