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Get a Professional Foundation Inspection for your property!

Get a Professional Foundation Inspection for your property!

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I had the opportunity to work with Nic during a foundation inspection. He was on time, very thorough and detailed. When my clients had questions, he took our calls and answered everything in a professional and calm way. I was very appreciative of his work, the report and his demeanor. I"ll definitely work with Nic again! Thank you!! :)

Amanda Subatis, Realtor

“The feedback from my clients is always 5 stars! For anything foundation repair related, Dale at L.A. Structural is my go-to! As a busy Real Estate Agent, these days it's challenging to meet ethical, professional and thorough inspectors who don't make misleading claims or overbid a job for my buyers. I often have a short window of time for inspections and Dale is always accommodating. While I provide my clients with several options on various companies and inspectors, they choose Dale and his team the majority of the time.” Tamara M.

L.A. Structural is very professional and considerate to customers. Jake gives our place a very thorough inspection and provided with very honest and good advices. He let me know how my house foundation looks like and luckily there is not concern at all. I will certainly recommend this to my other friends at L.A. Brian L.

L.A. Structural uses the latest techniques and state of the art technology to help and assist you with any type of foundation inspections. Whether it is a home buyer inspection, or home sellers inspection, our Structural Assesment Specialist will make sure you know every important detail of ypur property structural conditions. Contact L.A. Structural today and let us show you all the resources we can provide for you to make sure that you get the best possible foundation inspection.


Nick LA Structural Foundation Repair and

I have encountered various examples of structural issues in my career as the Lead Structural Assessment Specialist at L.A. Structural. Having been personally trained and apprenticed by Dale, the owner of L.A. Structural, I can quickly determine the exact problem and best solution for either you as the homeowner on all the foundation repairs, replacement & drainage issues or to the soft-story retrofit apartment owner.

I additionally oversee all our foundation inspections for Real Estate transactions providing a thorough inspection and detailed observation letter to facilitate the escrow process. Please find below a list of the common structural issues, that I have come across crawling under houses and performing hands on structural work on many properties in Los Angeles. 

1. Sagging And Uneven Floors:

Check to see if your floors are sagging, bowing, or appear to be out of level. When these issues are present, there could be something serious occurring underneath the residence in the crawlspace. Have an inspection performed for the post and pier systems, floor joists, girders, and even the perimeter foundation for any breaks in concrete. Overtime if left unchecked, the sag in the floors could become much greater and become a hazard for those walking over it. Be sure to check and correct foundation movement as soon as possible.


Slab floors are slightly different. They are more prone to being uneven or not level completely. This is due to the slab being poured as an entirety on the ground. When this moves it changes the floors differently than if a post and pier system move underneath a raised foundation.


2. Sinking Or Settling Foundation:

If your residence is showing signs of settlement or sinking then you should call a licensed professional to stop by and investigate the issue. Over time one side of the residence may be lower than the other or the center may be sinking. Cracks, gaps, or trending patterns indoor headers and window headers are signs of this sort of movement. The residence may require to be lifted and the installation of foundation piers or caissons to correct the issue.


3. Raised Foundation And Wet Crawlspace:

Moisture in the crawl space is never a good thing. If there are signs of water intrusion below the residence, it can be expected that problems will soon begin to develop. Wet soil will expand, and dry soil will contract. This constant ebb and flow of expansion and contraction wreaks havoc on foundations especially when only certain areas get wet.


It is always advised to have a proper drainage system installed if you live in an area where it frequently rains. This will help to prevent mold and mildew, and keep the crawl space as dry as possible. Less water underneath the house means less deterioration and problems!


4. Foundation Cracks In Floors And Walls Inside Or Outside The House:

Gaps in any type of foundation whether that is brick, concrete, or bedrock, might be a sign of a foundation problem. Floor cracking, wall fissures, or broken or separating chimneys could also mean a larger problem is occurring. Through time your residence may, in fact, experience some sort of foundation movement or settlement due to a multitude of different problems. From rainy season to dry season, the soils expand and contract constantly. It is time for concern when this shifting begins to happen and the gaps, cracks, and changes are occurring.


5. Windows And Doors That Stick & Do Not Open Or Close Properly:

Many people notice their doors and windows stick on a certain corner or edge and this problem usually gets worse overtime. When a door is sticking, it tends to occur toward the top and drags until opened. Frame deflecting is when settlement or movement has occurred in the foundation and the door frame has shifted slightly. Remember, sometimes due to excessive humidity or rains, the wood may swell and cause the door to stick. Check for loose hinges and make sure the obvious issues have been checked out.


6. Wall Cupboards, Counters and Cabinets Separating From The Wall:

If you notice your countertops or cabinets are beginning to separate from the wall it is time to have your foundation inspected. It may start out as a slow movement with a little gap of 1/16” but sooner or later that gap will increase and become ¼” wide. This is definitely a sign of foundation movement and damage occurring. A foundation moving around can start to cause the walls, cabinets, and floors to not be level. Make sure to investigate immediately before the issue becomes a much bigger problem.


7. Gaps Around Window Frames and Door Frames:

If you notice gaps in your window or door headers this could be a sign of foundation problems. Frame deflection or crooked frames will inhibit doors and windows from opening easily. They will bind and give the homeowner trouble. Many times doors that are difficult to close will show patterns with the door parallel on the other side when foundation issues are occurring.  When this issue has been noticed it is advised to have your property inspected.


8. Foundation Upheaval:

When a concrete slab foundation has shifted up this is a sign of foundation upheaval. When soil, (especially clay soil) has expanded, this may cause a slab foundation to lift in an upward direction. It will most often negatively affect the residence’s interior and exterior. Under the slab leaks from broken pipes, excessive moisture, or heavy rains may cause the soil around the slab to expand in volume and shift this foundation structure.


What To Do If You Notice Any of the Signs Up Above:

If you notice anything stated above we highly recommend a foundation investigation should be conducted. Early prevention and treatment is the best solution. Contact L.A. Structural your foundation specialist we're licensed, bonded and insured foundation contractor with the skills to perform a thorough inspection of your residence. Many times there is nothing to worry about but always check if there appears to be a problem occurring.

Educational Training for your Team


Educational Training for your Team

Educational Training for your Team
Nick_Educationg Realtors_Foundation Cons

Nick, educating realtors at Keller Williams Westside on the most common signs of structural problems. 

If you like to find out more about how you can spot the most common signs of structural problems - use the links to get in touch, we love to hear from people reaching out. Nick, is available for educational talks or lectures on request. Even though L.A. Structural has grown over the years, we're still a small and dedicated team who love serving you to the best of our ability.

"Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't."Pete Seeger

Why we're the best choice for you!

Why we're the best choice for you!

Nick Real Estate Inspections
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We are prompt, reliable and trustworthy. Our highly trained professionals will work with you throughout the entire project and with a caring, kind, expedient and always with a solution-minded approach.


At L.A. Structural LLC, we have passionately pursued the goal to help hundreds of people in our community to find an answer to their structural concerns. Throughout the years we have developed a solid foundation of knowledge, along with the integrity to follow up on promises and to make successful renovation projects happen.


L.A. Structural LLC is a professional, full-service design, engineering and construction firm located in Burbank. Our services include everything from the full inspection, design, engineering and as well as the full turn key high-quality construction phase of each and every individual project we take on. Our skilled team designs it and then we build it. We handle everything from:


multi-family soft story city or county required seismic ordinance upgrades


earthquake retrofitting and bolting


foundation repairs and or replacement


floor leveling


drainage system upgrades




broken or leaning retaining walls


caissons and grade beam retrofits


as well as sister foundations construction


and other related structural concerns


L.A. Structural has over 90 years of combined experience in the foundation construction and customer care fields. We are focused on providing value engineered, complete solutions for Real Estate Agents by locating and renovating distressed or seismic related structural issues. Our goal is to provide the absolute highest level of service to our to you with professional consultation & administrative support.

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See you soon...

See you soon...

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